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Illinois African Dance Teachers

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(aka Michael J Taylor, Tam Tam Mandingue Certified Professor of Djembe)
Oak Park, IL 60302
Personal Synopsis :
Tam Tam Mandingue Certified Professor of Djembe – a djembe degree offered exclusively by Grand Master drummer Mamady Keita.  Lead instructor and founder of Tam Tam Mandingue Chicago, Taylor has Performed, recorded and/or studied with a wide range of artists and organizations from North America, Europe and West Africa, including members of Les Ballets Africains, Ballets Djoliba, Les Merveilles d'Afrique and Les Ballets Africains de Silimbo. Whereas Taylor’s primary guru is Mamady Keita, he has also studied with M'Bemba Bangoura, Gbanworo Keita, Laurent Camara, Michael Markus, Yaya Kabo, Yaya Diallo, Arthur Hull, Jahamen Mobley.

Traveled to the Republic of Guinea, West Africa to study djembe, doundouns, dance, culture and language.

Style: of drumming: Traditional West African djembe music of the Mande.
Drums: djembe, doundoun, Malinke flute, bougarabou, ashiko, conga, bongo, frame drum.
Class Nights / Days & Location(s): I teach in numerous places with some classes being regular weekly classes and some less frequent – to see up to date info on my classes, go to
Fees: Group lessons vary, but are usually around $10-$20 depending on where you take them, meeting once a week.   Private lessons are about $50 per hour (additional if travel required).

Manu Walton
5740 South Peoria St.
Chicago, IL. 60621
(773) 783-7072
Experience: African drumming since 1976
Teaching African drumming since 1982
Have taken lessons in Gambia, from Gasim Sillah, and U.S., from Papa Ladji Camara, Mamady Keita, M' Bemba Bangoura, several members of Les Ballet Guinea, and most of the respected, African djembefola residing in the U.S.
Repair and Sales of African Drums, Cow and Goat Hides, and Djembé and Djun Djun Rings.
Performances of drum and dance. Lectures and demonstrations.
Djembe and Djun Djun Lessons: Private, by appointment - $20
Group on Wednesdays at 7:00pm - $65 for 4 consecutive Wed.'s
All lessons are 2 hrs.
- I thank the Creator for my many lessons, and wish respect and peace to my many Teachers and Students.

The Chicago Djembe Project (CDP)
6104 S. Ingleside Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 USA
EMAIL contact:
Class Schedule, Location & Fees:
See CDP website for current information on Djembe Woodshed Workshops:
 For Youth Classes, visit this page:
Teachers Country of Origin and Village/STYLE OF DRUM:
The Chicago Djembe Project specializes in the djembe and bass drum tradition of the Malinke people of Guinea, West Africa--specifically the Hamana region, birthplace of our mentor, Master Drummer Famoudou Konate.
 Manager/Instructor Jim Banks is an African-American. Artistic Director/Instructor Lilian Friedberg is an American with European, Jewish and Ojibway ancestors.
Description of Drum Classes:
CDP offers classes for both adults and youth. Students learn the basics of technique and handing for the Malinke djembe tradition. They also learn how to play the dunun (bass drums) which provide the melodic foundation for Malinke djembe music. As students progress, they learn djembe solos specific to traditional djembe musical pieces.
 Resumé of teacher:
 CDP specializes in giving both beginning and experienced students the insights, skills and knowledge to excel on the djembe. Through our own workshops, and the Master Teachers we have brought to Chicago (Famoudou
 Konate, Mamady Keita, Moustapha Bangoura), CDP has been a catalyst in
raising the level of djembe practice and performance locally and nationwide.
We are the North American Managers for Master Drummer Famoudou Konate, and CDP's instructors have studied and performed with Famoudou in Europe, North America and Africa since the mid-'80s.



Hyde Park, IL

CONTACT: 312-520-6281/


CLASS SCHEDULE, LOCATION & FEES: I teach regular weekly classes in the Hyde Park area on Saturdays 2:00pm-3:30pm – to see up to date info on my classes, go to

Private lessons are $50 per hour (additional if travel required).

STYLE OF DRUM: Traditional Manding music of Guinea and Mali.

DESCRIPTION OF DRUM CLASSES: Seneke School Of Percussion was created to preserve and teach the history, folklore, basic fundamentals and technique of the djembe and dunum (bass drums), rhythms and solo patterns of the djembe orchestra.


Sekou Conde, descends from the Malinke people of Mali and Guinea, West Africa. Sekou hails from the city of Chicago IL. Sekou has performed and taught traditional Manding music for over two decades. Sekou has shared the stage with some of the most influential masters of dance and djembe such as Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, Yamoussa Camara, Mohamad Camara, Mouminatou Camara, Djenaba Saco, Alysco Diabate, Abou Sylla, Yussouf Koumbassa, Abdoul Doumbia, Yaya Diallo, Mustapha Bangoura, Mohamed Dacosta, Mohamed Diaby.

Over a twenty-year period, Sekou traveled the contintal U.S. teaching and performing for an array of African dance companies, local arts councils and collages, producing drum camps and facilitating healing drum sessions. Sekou founded the Seneke (Rhythm Ensemble) and Seneke School Of Percussion Sekou is presently principle drummer for Legends of West Africa, Le Bagatae (Chicago, IL. Company of world re-known Mustafa Bangoura), Alyo Children’s Dance Theater, Muntu Dance Theater, S.P.I.R.T.S. SOA, Afriki Lolo (St. Louis, MO), Sekou spends his life sharing and creating opportunities for youth and people abroad to learn and understand the importance and principles of African culture and music. Through his efforts to shed light and knowledge about his cultural heritage, he produced and recorded CD's of traditional Manding music.





Founder/ Director: Sékou Condé

Secretary: Susan Blaine

Technical Director: Carol Woolfolk

Mail: 7953 S. Kingston Ave, Chicago. IL. 60617






John Yost
Rhythm Revolution
5218 W. Carmen
Chicago, IL 60630



Drum circle facilitation, Djembe, dunun,
Trap set and Taiko
B.A. Degree in Music
Professional Musician and teacher since 1984.
Studies include:
Drum Circle Facilitation with Arthur Hull 
Djembe and Dunun with: M'Bemba Bangoura, Gbowngoro Keita,

and Ibro Konate in West African.
In the United States with Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate,

Madou Dembele, Michael Markus, Yaya Kabo, 
Taiko: Studied in Japan with Yoshikazu Fujimoto of  Kodo
and in the states with Leonard Eto of Kodo
Conga: Attended Private lesson with Giovanni Hildalgo
Sabar: Workshop with Doudou N'Daye Rose in Japan.
Classes:  Tuesday- Beginning  Dunun
           Warren Park 6601 N. Western  312-742-7888
           $20 for 10 weeks (city residents $40 for non res)
           Sponsored by the Chicago Park District
Tuesday- Beginning  Djembe
           Warren Park 6601 N. Western  312-742-7888
           $20 for 10 weeks (city residents $40 for non res)
           Sponsored by the Chicago Park District
Wednesday: Intermediate Dunun
            Warren Park 6601 N. Western  312-742-7888
           $20 for 10 weeks (city residents $40 for non res)
                Sponsored by the Chicago Park District
Wednesday: Intermediate Djembe
            Warren Park 6601 N. Western  312-742-7888
          $20 for 10 weeks (city residents $40 for non res)
                Sponsored by the Chicago Park District     
 The prerequisite for the intermediate class is:
one year of the beginning class, or the ability to play clear tone and  slaps.
Intermediate students should be able to play the breaks to at least 3 songs with at least 3 djembe parts for each song in succession at approximately 120bpm.


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