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Welcome to Djembe-L FAQ,  one of the best websites with a companion global e-list, (see below) on the Net, dedicated to fostering the knowledge, understanding of West African drum, dance, tradition and connecting our community, together, via the Internet.. Originally conceived by Steve Tierra to be the FAQ's from the Djembe-L list and an excellent resource for the many questions that djembe opens for us.  Djembe-L FAQ was handed off to HappyShel Weisman, September, 1998.
   Beyond this page lies a compendium of information and instruction on Djembe and West African drum and dance, including a listing of African dance and drum teachers, rhythms, tuning, West African drum circles, Study Camps, and How to Play. Compiled from correspondence among members of our Global mail list, Djembe-L, including a combination of Frequently Asked Questions & Resource Material on various hand drum topics, including how to reskin a djembe, how to build a drum and where to learn.
           This compendium, while copyrighted to prevent unauthorized commercial use, is offered, freely, for the education of all interested in djembe, dounoun drums, dance, West African tradition, ceremony and culture.

We are always looking for more editors, info gathering assistants and sound & video files. If a particular section interests you, please, write an essay for inclusion into your Djembe-L FAQ.
         Our many thanks to Steve Tierra who founded the
Djembe-L FAQ website, in 1995.

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By Working together, WE CAN do so much more!
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